The two stupidest things I've ever heard in a baseball stadium

Uttered in rapid succession by, predictably, a Yankee fan at Yankee Stadium after a Padre struck out, 6/18/08:

"Yeeeeah! That's a K! Like YMCA!"

"Yeeeeeeeeah! That's K! The opposite of gay! K!"

He was on a roll, though, and made a game in the Seat of All Evil that kicked off with an hour rain delay entertaining. He found his niche by responding to every Padre fan's attempt to talk to him with a Ric Flair-esque "Whoooooooooo!" Which he did about 100 times. And that's a conservative estimate.

Also, a note to any homosexual gentlemen planning on attending a Yankees game: Might be best if you splurged for the better seats. You're probably not going to enjoy the repartee in the upper level. Just saying.


Tim said...

Was he wearing a Carl Pavano jersey?

Mr. Bad Example said...

Alas, no.

I believe it was, predictably, a Jeter jersey. But I spent most of the last few innings looking at him from the viewpoint captured in the picture, so I can't be sure.

your sister said...

It was an a-rod jersey. and you know you loved every minute of it. ;-)