Do Your Dance

Sometimes the timing's just right. Sometimes you're just where you need to be. Sometimes you're walking down the Atlantic City boardwalk and a 73-year-old man named Tony is dancing his ass off to Cameo's "Word Up."

Sometimes the world is beautiful.

(Note to anyone planning on inviting me to a wedding: Play "Word Up" and you're gonna get my version of Tony. Believe it.)

Another Atlantic City story coming up in the next day or so.


tadeja said...

I'm sad, why didn't he continue dancing to "Keep on Trucking", or did you just get tired of recording.

Mr. Bad Example said...

He kept dancing. I think he was dancing all afternoon, or at least he was the two times I passed by.

I had to meet people for dinner, so that's all the recording I could do. I would've stayed there all day if I didn't have to meet people.