In the Garden

I posted this on The Palm Isle, which, if you ever read it, you're certainly not reading in the off-season. So, I figured I'd cross-post it here. You're welcome:

I was reading a story in the New York Post Page Six magazine (keeping track of Sean Avery's whereabouts)about the multimillionaire in charge of granting medallions to NYC cabdrivers when I came across an interesting nugget. The main crux of the story was that the guy has his own box right above the players' entrance for every event in Madison Square Garden. Yes, every event--Rangers games, Knicks games, concerts, circuses, Ice Capades (they don't still have the Ice Capades, do they? I'm old), whatever he wants. That's how life is when your born into a ridiculously lucrative line of work. Must be nice.

Anyway, back to that interesting nugget. Check this out:

"When MSG offered to put leather captain's chairs in the box, he said no. 'It was too showy.' When they suggested turning his area into a jury box during hockey games by putting a spotlight on the seats and asking his section to give a thumbs up or down on whether or not to pull the goalie, he said, 'No, I don't think fans should be making those decisions.' It's hard to say what's more jaw-dropping. That MSG offered, or that he turned it down."

Seriously? The offer was on the table to have this douche and whomever he brought to the game decide if the Rangers should pull their goalie? That has to be a joke. I would say that the reporter should have confirmed this story with the Garden, but it's the Post (and a ridiculously vapid offshoot of the main paper at that), so that's asking too much. But if this is, in fact, true, it might just represent a new low for the Rangers, or at least a low not seen since the Sassoon days. I'm trying to imagine a stoppage in play with a minute left in the game and the classless baboons in the stands at the Garden turning their eyes to the spotlight that shines on a multimillionaire and his clients who will dictate the team's strategy for the rest of the game.

Oh, how I wish the guy agreed to do it.

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