Nice Work, Stupid!

There is no segment of a TV newscast that I enjoy more than the investigative team socking it to someone taking advantage of the little guy. Nothing better than justice delivered by a hectoring reporter with a jones for facetime.

That said, maybe the investigative dogs should've been called off this hunt.

So, a really stupid woman figured that clicking on a Weblink that said "best seats" surely must be a link to the venue box office. Then when the price came up, I don't know, I guess she wasn't paying attention. So she calls up the local news, who, for some reason, are roused to action to combat this new, dangerous scourge of ticket scalping. Next thing you know, she gets her money back, plus a front-row seat from the venue and a personal meeting with Emmylou Harris.

Should we really be rewarding this sort of person? Wouldn't it have made more sense for the news to send over someone to smack her in the head and say, "Nice work, stupid"? (By the way, I'm copyrighting that idea and pitching it to the local news outlets as a recurring feature.) I'm all for looking out for the little (wo)man, but, really, there comes a point where you just have to accept your own stupidity. And for the woman in question, who seems perfectly nice, that time should've been now.

Also, glad there's nothing going on in the northern Virginia area that is of more investigative importance than this. Very comforting.

And kudos to the reporter for the first known utterance of the phrase "Emmylou doesn't exactly spray."

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