Just when you're thinking
He's sung all the monster hits
Here comes another

John Fogerty/Steamtrain Mary/Rick Barry, NJPAC, Newark, NJ, 11/25/09


A tough day for Dana

Sometimes, it's important to pause.

(hat tip to The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar.)


Two friends, good pickin'
And a bunch of pretty songs
A fine recipe

Jenny Scheinman and Robbie Fulks, Barb├ęs, Brooklyn, NY, 11/24/09


Revku CXVI

His band opened up
Then backed up the headliner
His songs were better

Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers/John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives, Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY, 11/22/09


Revku CXV

They played with relish
Then stopped to buy some hot dogs
Sorry for the pun

Maybe Pete, The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ, 11/18/09


Revku CXIV

Charlie Sexton's back
Reason enough to be there
He livens things up

Bob Dylan and His Band/Dion, United Palace Theatre, NYC, 11/17/09


It's hard to get laughs
From chatty hipster douchebags
Somehow, he surveeved

Tony Clifton and the Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra/Vaginal Davis, Santos Party House, NYC, 11/16/09


Revku CXII

I had been thinking
Maybe I should stop going
I have some dumb thoughts

The Levon Helm Band/Marshall Crenshaw, Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock, NY, 11/14/09


Revku CXI

It's disheartening
To be met by a sparse crowd
Support live music!

Matthew Ryan, Living Room, NYC, 11/12/09

Revku CX

Some of the guys' takes
Were not that pretty at all

Ladies fared better

Nate Schweber, Andy Mullen, Rich Hinman, J. D. Hughes, Alison Jones, Eric Ambel, Mary Lee Kortes, Jesse Bates, Charlene MacPherson, Emory Joseph, Randy Lee and Tony Graci, Mike Storey, Eleanor Whitmore, Steve Strunsky, Zevonathon, Banjo Jim's, NYC, 11/12/09


Revku CIX

No Levon, but wait...
Hey, there's Elvis Costello
Twenty bucks well spent

Members of the Levon Helm Band (Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Steve Bernstein, and Erik Lawrence), Aaron Comess, Curtis Fowlkes, Alexis P. Suter Band, Elvis Costello, Ryan Shaw, Chris Bergson, Shawn Pelton, and some other people whose names I'm forgetting, City Winery, NYC, 11/9/09


What I Liked About October

*Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
*The San Francisco Ferry Terminal Farmers' Market
*The It's Tops Coffee Shop, San Francisco, CA
*Seeing Tim Lincecum pitch at AT&T Park

*The vocal stylings of Jersey City Mayor Jeremiah Healy
*Hitting the Amy LaVere/Avett Brothers/Bottle Rockets tripleheader without missing one song
*Seeing the Avett Brothers in Boston and bowling five games afterward
*Islanders 3, Rangers 1

*The beef stew and challah bread at the Blue Colony Diner, Newtown, CT
*Chiller Theatre, Parsippany, NJ
*Meeting Duff Goldman
*The willingness of people with cars to drive me places


Adults and costumes
Always a tricky combo
The rock was a treat

Chris Skel and the Original Sins/Frankie and Kelly McGrath, Fitzgerald's Harp and Bard, Clifton, NJ, 10/31/09