Bowling with the Presidents 2008!

For those interested in the results of the 2nd Annual Bowling with the Presidents at Bowl Rite Lanes, Union City, NJ, here they are (last year's results here:

Game 1: JAMES MADISON (120) def. Benjamin Harrison (117)
Game 2: MARTIN VAN BUREN (124) def. James Garfield (116)
Game 3: JAMES MONROE (152) def. John Tyler (121)
Game 4: HARRY S TRUMAN (162) def. Gerald Ford (100)
Game 5: RICHARD NIXON (132) def. William McKinley (116)
Game 6: DWIGHT EISENHOWER (163) def. George Washington (107)
Game 7: JIMMY CARTER (122) (unopposed)

Tough day on the lanes for me personally, as aside from an inability to make spares, I bid farewell to the bowling shoes that carried me from high school to the man I am today. The right shoe literally came apart in Harry S Truman's final frame (karmic payback for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?), and the left soon followed. The shoes received a proper burial at the Ninth and Congress Light Rail Station in Hoboken, NJ. Goodbye, old friends.

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