What I Liked About January

*Photo time with Bob Nystrom and Clark Gillies, Bryant Park, NYC
*Grown-Up Dinner Party, Cash/Lyons Estate, Malden, MA
*My Sirius Stiletto Radio
*Paul Thorn, Living Room, NYC

*The short but magnificent tenure of Frenchy on "Rock of Love 2"
*Swath, The Delancey, NYC
*Pizza night, Balber/Sherman Estate, Hoboken, NJ
*Nicole Atkins, Union Square Barnes & Noble, NYC

*Meeting Johnny Bower in Saugus, MA
*John Train, Fergie's Pub, Philadelphia, PA
*Will Kimbrough/Amy Loftus, Living Room, NYC
*The willingness of people with cars to drive me places

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Anonymous said...

Frenchy is sure a hottie!