Time to Start Getting Real: Part III

OK, let's wrap this up so you know how to vote.

Roommate You Love to Hate
Nominees:Beth (Los Angeles), Coral (Back to New York), Puck (San Francisco), Trisha (Sydney), Tyler (Key West)
T&R Analysis: The casual RW watcher looks at the category and says, "Gotta be Puck." Not so, though he probably comes in as runner-up, easily out-distancing Coral, Trisha (who?), and Tyler. But he can't hold a candle to the incessant annoyance that is Beth from L.A. My skin still crawls at the sight of her on the various Challenges/Gauntlets/etc. (which I'm back into after a long absence...I may not fully be an adult after all!). Oh, that voice.
T&R's Choice: Beth (Los Angeles)

Biggest Playa
Nominees: Brad (San Diego), Cara (Chicago), Colie (Denver), David (New Orleans), Syrus (Boston), Teck (Hawaii)
T&R Analysis: I think I may just have to go with who I like best out of the nominees, as I'm having trouble recalling their playa behavior...excuse me, behavia. So, let's knock out Brad and Colie first, then take out Syrus. I liked Teck, and he was indeed a playa, but I'm gonna have to say no. That leaves Cara and David. David and his monster jam "Come On Be My Baby Tonight" hold a high spot on my list of all-time favorite Real Worlders, but Cara, to the best of my recollection, was definitely a bigger playa. I hate tough decisions.
T&R's Choice: You can't go wrong with either Cara or David, but I'm gonna give this one to Cara (Chicago)

Phone Call Gone Bad
Nominees: Dunbar (Sydney), Flora (Miami), Jacquese (San Diego), Montana (Boston), Paula (Key West), Shavonda (Philadelphia)
T&R Analysis: A two-(w)horse race between Flora and Montana (though upon first viewing, the Dunbar phone call is pretty entertaining). Montana gets bonus points for having a boyfriend named Vaj, which I didn't really appreciate the humor of until now (kinda like a few years ago when I really thought about Rusty Kuntz), but Mitchell screaming "Hello?!?!" still makes me laugh all these years later.
T&R's Choice: Flora (Miami)

Gone Baby Gone (a/k/a Best Departure)
Nominees: David (Los Angeles), Irene (Seattle), Puck (San Francisco), Shauvon (Sydney), Trisha (Sydney)
T&R Analysis: Finally! A nomination for Irene! That makes this one a no-brainer. Puck and David's departures were surely memorable, and I guess the Sydney girls were fine, too, but Irene is the greatest. I would, however, like to take this time to point out that I have David's autograph, but that's because he used to hang around with Dave Chappelle and when Chappelle did the Letterman show about fifteen years ago, I asked Dave for an autograph thinking he was Chappelle (I know, I know, they look nothing alike). When I told him how much I enjoyed him in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," David informed me--quite nicely I might add--that I had the wrong Dave. And that, dear readers, is by far my most embarrassing moment in autograph collecting.
T&R's Choice: Irene (Seattle)

Best Dance Off
Nominees: Adam (Paris), Jenn (Denver), Johanna (Austin), Melissa (New Orleans), Tyler (Key West)
T&R Analysis: This really needed to be a category? Best Dance Off? Is this some sort of "Dancing with the Stars" tie-in? (Note to that show's producers: If I didn't watch when Slater was on, I'm not watching Guttenberg...keep trying, and maybe someday I'll cave). After watching the clips, I've narrowed it down to Melissa and Johanna, the latter just because I think she's hot (probably should've at least gotten a nomination in that one). Melissa's is funnier, so we'll go with that.
T&R's Choice: Melissa (New Orleans)

There you have it. Now you know how to vote. Last day for voting is February 29. The big show is a month later. Look for postshow reactions here. Unless I find something else to do that day.

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