Time to Start Getting Real: Part II

Can you still feel the excitement surrounding the Real World Awards? I sure can. Unless that excitement is really the flu.

In any case, let's take a look at the next four categories.

Steamiest Scene
Nominees: Alex and Jenn in the shower (Denver), the Austin cast in the hot tub and shower (Austin), Brooke and Jenn (and Tyrie) in the hot tub (Denver), Steven, Trishelle, and Brynn in the hot tub (Las Vegas), Tyler and Bhakti in the pool (Key West)
T&R Analysis: Oh boy. Can I go with the Monty Brewster vote and go with "None of the Above"? I only actually saw two of these, and I don't really find either of those particularly steamy. I've checked the clips of the others on the site, and I'm not really feeling any of those, dawg (Brooke and Jenn "making out" just looks disturbing). Tough call.
T&R's Choice: Let's call it for Steven, Trishelle, and Brynn (Las Vegas).

Best Brush with the Law
Nominees: Robin arrested on the same night as Brad (San Diego), Brad arrested on the same night as Robin (San Diego), Johanna steals a rose (Austin), Tyrie peeing (Denver)
T&R Analysis: I've actually seen all of these. I think I almost made it through the whole Tyrie peeing episode, making it my favorite Denver episode, but still not a winner here. Johanna stealing a rose was stupid, so that's out, leaving us with the double-arrest night in San Diego. The circumstances of the Robin arrest are funnier, but I'm a sucker for a meathead yelling at people in the middle of the street. Man, the people of San Diego must've really hated the "Real World" kids.
T&R's Choice: Brad arrested on the same night as Robin (San Diego)

Best Meltdown
Nominees: Brooke is in hell (Denver), Brooke is so the prettiest girl (Denver), Melissa opens Dan's mail (Miami), Paula's not right (Key West), Rachel yells at Nehemiah (Austin)
T&R Analysis: Again, MTV's anti-Irene bias is stunning. Not including her farewell breakfast speech (where she goes from laughing to crying to laughing in, like, five seconds) is incomprehensible. Clearly, Irene doesn't play the political game well enough to get a nomination. Disheartening.

Anyway, I don't need to be an avid Denver watcher to know that Brooke is the favorite in this one. Both of her meltdowns are pretty epic, and certainly trump Rachel's drunken shouting and Paula's hysterics. But, as you can tell, Tinsel and Rot is old school. I have a hard time giving an award to the new kids, even someone as clearly deranged as Brooke. And, man, did I love that Dan and Melissa fight. Sorry, Brooke.
T&R's Choice: Melissa opens Dan's mail (Miami)

Favorite Love Story
Nominees: Alton and Irulan (Las Vegas), Amaya and Colin (Hawaii), Cohutta and KellyAnne (Sydney), Danny and Melinda (Austin), Pedro and Sean (San Francisco), Steven and Trishelle (Las Vegas)
T&R Analysis: Another category in which I'm having a hard time determining a favorite, mainly because they were all kind of annoying. Amaya and Colin? I don't think so. Cohutta might be the most annoying Real Worlder ever, which, unfortunately for him, is not a category. Danny and Melinda? Eh. I've already given one award to Vegas, so those two couples are out. And that leaves me with Pedro and Sean, whom I'm not picking for some righteous, progressive reason, but because they are the least annoying of the lot, probably because they had the least camera time (I'm guessing on Cohutta and KellyAnne...I see that dude on the screen and I find anything else to watch).
T&R's Choice: Sean and Pedro

UP NEXT: Wrapping it up with Roommate You Love to Hate, Biggest Playa, Phone Call Gone Bad, Gone Baby Gone, and Best Dance Off

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