It's the End of the World As We Know It (And, I Don't Know, Maybe I'll Go)

I've been looking for an excuse to go back to Nashville, but I'm not sure this is it. From http://www.realitytvconvention.com:

Nashville, Tennessee might be best known for country music, but early this Summer the city will get a new claim to fame. On June 3 & 4, 2006, the world's first ever Reality TV Convention will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. The Reality TV Convention looks to be the largest gathering of reality TV stars and reality TV fans ever...

With American Idol setting ratings records and shows like Survivor entering their twelfth season, the organizers of the Reality TV Convention felt that the time had come to put on an event that would allow reality TV fans to gather to discuss their favorite reality TV shows and to meet some of their favorite reality TV stars.

The Reality TV Convention will feature approximately 100 reality TV stars from shows such as The Apprentice, Amazing Race, American Idol, Big Brother, The Biggest Loser, Forever Eden, Kept, Real World, Road Rules, The Real Gilligan's Island, and Survivor. A partial listing of over sixty of the reality TV stars already scheduled to appear at the event can be found at www.realitytvconvention.com.


The list, for what it's worth, is full of people that even I don't recognize. But if they add some "good" names (e.g., cast members from "The Joe Schmo Show" and better "Real World" and "Road Rules" people) and there's a decent lineup at the Opry that weekend, I just could be suckered into this. And if the readers of Tinsel and Rot want to take up a collection, that wouldn't hurt my chances of going, either. Step up to the plate, dammit. Think of the stories I could share on this very blog!

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