Yeah, you turn it on...

Tinsel and Rot congratulates Richard "Goose" Gossage on his selection to the Baseball Hall of Fame. His autograph is the only Yankee autograph that has ever held a place of honor in my apartment. Why? Because it was next to a printout of this tirade (WARNING: Wow, there's lots of bad language coming your way if you decide to watch this. Lots. I'm not kidding. Not suitable for work, unless you work for, say, Kevin Smith.)

Maybe the greatest minute in the history of the English language. He deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame just for that.

Hats off to Goose. Down with all the f***in' negative motherf***ers who say he doesn't belong.

Now when does Lee Elia get in? (Remember what I said before the Gossage clip. Keep that in mind before you follow that link.)


Bryan said...

If only Bert Blyleven had gone on record with a tirade like that one ... he might actually be where he belongs.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Well, post-retirement, he did have this:


"Oh, we're live?"

Bryan said...

Oh, I forgot about that -- that's a good one. Lots of spirit.

So what the fuck? I'm going to buy a Blyleven jersey to wear up there next time. Country cocksuckers.