A New Low (Pun Not Intended, But Acknowledged)

Fresh off his co-starring role on this year's Holiday Greeting, Gary Coleman (or someone in Utah who has access to Gary Coleman's wardrobe) is selling a signed pair of his pants on eBay.

Let's examine the three most frightening aspects of this eBay posting.

(1) Gary Coleman's pants (purchased at Gap Kids) are being auctioned off on eBay. I don't think we need to examine that any further. Stands on its own.

(2) In the picture accompanying the posting, Mr. Coleman looks very scared, even more so than either the time Arnold and Kimberly were kidnapped while hitchhiking (it now occurs to me how ridiculous that episode was...who hitchhikes in Manhattan? Am I forgetting some important detail that explains that?) or, well, you know, the time he and Dudley were in the bike shop guy's apartment. I hope he has not been captured by a renegade Mormon.

(3a) Bids are currently at $41 with a week still to go.

(3b) This is the second Gary Coleman Pants Auction. The first pair went for $203.49.

Diff'rent strokes indeed.

(By the way, mad props to The Ithacan's Big Spoon blog for alerting me to the initial Coleman Pants Auction. I knew there was a reason I still read my college newspaper. Ithaca Forever!)


Gina said...

at once funny, stinky and suspicious.

OK, I would not offer one dime for no stinkin' used Husky Gap pants. Different if they were from his signature Gary Coleman line.

That man has every right to be looking scared. I don't know if he is still alive but he needs to get some work if he's resorted to selling his drawers.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Now thanks to publicity from Jimmy Kimmel (post-T&R posting, thankyouverymuch), the high bid is over $27,000. I'm sure it's a bogus bidder, but it's still awesome.

This could be the start of a new career for Mr. Coleman. And maybe other stars of the 80s. I bet Emmanuel Lewis is right now deciding which items from his closet to put up for bid. Or at least I hope he is, because I've got the checkbook ready.

Gina said...

I think it would be more fun to own an autographed pair of Jaleel "Steve Erkle" White's high-waisters.