Drew Glackin RIP

I didn't know Drew Glackin. I might've talked to him once or twice after a Mary McBride show, or said hello at any number of other shows where he was either playing or just watching as a fan. He always seemed like a good guy, though, someone you'd want to know. And from what I've been reading for the last couple of days, that assessment seems like it was right on the money.

Glackin died at the age of 44 Saturday afternoon. According to a statement released by his bandmates in The Silos, Glackin had an overactive thyroid condition that led to severe heart damage.

Friends have shared better memories (see Roscoe's Blog), but I can remember Glackin ripping away on his lap steel at Great Lakes in Brooklyn while backing Mary McBride and Dan Baird as they traded songs. That was probably the first time I saw him play, though I'd seen him around at other shows. And every time I saw him, whether on stage or off, he always seemed to pretty much be having the time of his life. It's a shame that the world won't get to see that anymore.

Rest in peace, Drew.

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