Update: Tinsel and Rot Looks for Guidance

Tinsel and Rot headquarters has been alerted to breaking news regarding one of the celebrities we need to hear from before deciding who we want to be President. International superstar Corey Feldman recently posted the following on his website (NOTE: reeeeeeally bad music plays when you go to the site):

"Also, I would like to endorse Senator Hillary Clinton & ask that everyone voting for the Iowa Caucasas to do the same. Our country is in big trouble & I do believe that we as a country are in desperate times, and as we all know, desperate times call for drastic measures. I feel that Senator Clinton is the best idea for a positive change in our economy, our environment, and stopping the bloodshed in Iraq, and around the world. The idea of a female President and having Bill Clinton behind the scenes in The White House again, will motivate the world to look at us through a new pair of glasses. I do not feel that the country as a whole is ready for a President like Senator Obama and may sway voters from voting democrat if he were to win the nomination, therefore losing democratic votes and allowing the Bush policies and way of thinking to remain in power. Please consider this strongly as you make your decision. Thank you and God bless."

After this inspiring summation, I'm inclined to lean toward Hillary, despite her poor showing in the Caucasas. (For more aggressively non-spell-checked fun with Corey, spend some time at his blog.)

Anxiously waiting for Guttenberg's opinion.


Billie Jo said...

Did you see Corey on Deal or no Deal? That's like worlds colliding for you!

Mr. Bad Example said...

I didn't. I don't watch Deal or No Deal that much. Tarnishes the legacy of great game shows with every airing.

But if I had known that Felddog was gonna be on....