Bum-bum-ba-dum (wahhhhhhhhhh)

The lack of posts has been mainly due to general busy-ness, but, also, I realize almost a week later, because I am still getting over the fact that Borders decided to stop taking pictures of customers with Bob Barker four people before I got to the front of the line. "It's causing too many problems," the flustered Bluetoothed store employee said after I almost saw a grown man cry because his camera wasn't working. Sigh.

So you'll have to make do with this, and ponder what could have been the Holiday Greeting in your mailbox this December.

The skin-color contrast alone would've made it a classic.

And in further crushing Holiday Greeting news, I don't think I'm going to Chiller Theatre this weekend. There's no one whom I'd deem Greetingworthy (the closest is Jason Lively, a/k/a the bad Rusty Griswold, from "National Lampoon's European Vacation"), and, since Shavar "Dudley" Ross cancelled, the prospect of spending $50 to get there and pay admission is looking less appealing by the second. Maybe I'll rally, but it's looking bleak.

Tough times, people. Tough times.

Here's a picture of a puppy at the Bide-a-Wee table at the Bob Barker signing to make you feel better.

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