Vern Gosdin RIP

Another day, another death of an underappreciated performer.

Vern Gosdin, singer of one of the all-time great country songs, "Chiseled in Stone," died Tuesday in Nashville after reportedly suffering a stroke a few weeka ago.

Gosdin, known as "The Voice," is right up there with the much more celebrated George Jones when it comes to guys who can sing the hell out of a country songs. Aside from "Chiseled in Stone" (which he cowrote with Max D. Barnes), my other favorite Gosdin songs include "Set 'Em Up, Joe" and "That Just About Does It." I first heard of Mr. Gosdin when his name popped up on the schedule at Nashville's ridiculously awesome Station Inn when I was planning my first trip to Nashville. I'd seen the name before but wasn't familiar with any of his songs at the time. Still, it seemed like it would be cool to see him at the Station Inn. But when I got there, I found out he had to cancel, thus postponing my first taste of his music and severely bumming out some of the older Station Inn patrons in the crowd. But I eventually got around to hearing "Chiseled in Stone" (the song and the album), and, when I did, I grew as upset as the old folks at the Station Inn. Never did get to see him sing live.

RIP, Mr. Gosdin.

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