Mr. Bocephus Goes to Washington

Just in case you were wondering what Hank Williams Jr. was thinking about the Obama administration, he has clarified his position in a new t-shirt (which you can buy along with the other 13,000 things in his merch store):

I don't mind if you agree with the sentiment, but, please, be at least a little bothered by the lack of punctuation.


godihateyourband said...

wow ... (and i come from bocephus people) ... WOW

Xmastime said...

both syntax and funny wise, i think I'll TAKE instead of KEEP in the beginning is better. hmm.

Mr. Bad Example said...

I have since found out that this is actually a line from a new Bocephus song. He also has another goofy "working man" anthem called "Red, White, and Pink Slip Blues," which is slightly less horrifying. But they're both topped by "McCain/Palin Tradition" from a rally last year. All of those are on YouTube, but I'm too lazy and tired to link.

He makes it harder and harder to like him with each passing year. It's been all downhill since I heard he sometimes lets Kid Rock try on Hank Sr.'s suits.