What I Liked About December

*The 2nd Annual Christmas Eve Dinner, a Movie, and Department Store Window Ogling Extravaganza
*Mom getting out of the hospital ... again (here's hoping she stays out in January)
*Free bowling, Leisure Time Lanes
*Christmas loot

*Crooked Still/Chris and Cassie, Drom, NYC
*Frankie and Kelly McGrath/Chris Skel/Mark Linskey, Fitzgerald's, Clifton, NJ
*The Chambalas Take Manhattan
*Dom Flemons, Googie's Lounge, NYC

*The Star Spangled Waffle, Broadway Diner, Bayonne, NJ
*Maybe Pete, The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
*Retrieving The Grand Ole Opry from the top shelf at the Strand
*The willingness of people with cars to drive me places

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