We just might live the good life yet

So far, 2009 has brought much exciting news.

*I've discovered a nearby bowling alley that offers $2 games on Sunday mornings (and it's right next to a diner...and across the street from the Acme where Randy the Ram worked in "The Wrestler").

*I've found out that the Newark Bears not only will not be forced to fold, but will come back with former White Sox catcher and Tinsel and Rot All-Star Ron Karkovice as their hitting coach (for some reason, my friend Brian and I selected him as our favorite player in the late 1980s/early 1990s; it may have been his albinoesque appearance). And to think I almost threw out my "Officer Karkovice" t-shirt.

*The multitalented (and, OK, quite attractive) Amy LaVere is soon to star in an MTV Web series called "$5 Cover" that looks like it might be both good and good for her. And she'll be on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" next Monday, too.

But perhaps the most exciting news came the other day when I got an e-mail from Shout! Factory touting the March 17 release of another TGIF staple, the criminally underappreciated "Mr. Belvedere." Yes, Uecker lovers of America, your prayers have been answered (or at least your Belvederian prayers; I can offer no good news on the "Wacky World of Sports" boxed set front). I think it's a great shortcoming of TV Land that there isn't more variety on the station. Look, we all love "The Cosby Show," but enough already. There were a lot of other great shows on TV in the 1980s. With over 100 hours to fill, you think you could dig a little deeper.

Fortunately, come March 17, we Fans of Brocktoon no longer have to wait for TV Land to wake up. We will have the first two seasons of "Mr. Belvedere" right at our fingertips. Let us rejoice.

Cue the music.

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