Revku I

Tinsel and Rot aims to stay fresh. So, look for a few new features to be introduced here on the blog in 2009, the first of which is Revku. What's Revku, you ask? Good question. It's my attempt to review some (I'd like to promise all, but who can guarantee poetic inspiration?) of the shows I go to using a variation of the Japanese haiku format (we're sticking with the five-seven-five structure but dropping the obligatory tie-in to the weather, though we inadvertently nail that on the first one). Each concert revku will also feature a photo I took at the show.

Got it? Good. Here we go.

First, Aussie lightning
Then hard Kentucky Thunder
'Twas a mighty storm

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder/Tommy Emmanuel, BB King's Blues Club, NYC, 1/11/09


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I love this idea
I think I have to steal it
For the shore house blog


-billie jo said...

quite an undertaking...looking forward to it!