Charlie Is Real

From a great interview by Juli Thanki on the equally great blog The 9513:

JT: Satan is Real is hands down the best album cover in music history. Can you tell me a little bit about the process of creating it?

Charlie Louvin: After the song was finished, it hadn’t been released yet. They wanted to put out an album, and we asked if we could make Satan is Real the album title. We got the okay on that. My and Betty’s oldest son had a Lionel train on a four by eight foot piece of plywood. At the time, money was scarce, so we removed the train from the plywood, cut it in two and made Satan sixteen feet tall. We pictured Satan as having a pitchfork and horns; that’s what we were told when we were kids, but I find that it’s not true: I’m pretty sure I saw Satan the other day in a bikini on the beach.

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