On the Record, Vol. 4

Album: Al Melgard at the Chicago Stadium Organ
Artist: Al Melgard
Purchased: Not entirely sure, but I'm pretty confident that it was the WFMU Record Fair, NYC

Percentage Breakdown of Why I Bought It: 67% Who Doesn't Like Pipe Organ, 23% It Was Sealed, 10% Cover
Pick Hit: "The Butcher Boy," which almost always sounds best on a stadium organ (if you're not familiar with the song, here's a non-stadium-organ version from Pete Seeger's old TV show)
Should I, a Normal Human Being, Buy It?: I accept that the fanbase for pipe organ is dwindling every day, but this guy aint bad. You might like it. It'll be fun at parties. Or get people to leave your parties. Either way, you win.
Percent Chance That This Album Will Still Be Among My Belongings Available for Purchase at the Giant Yard Sale After My Demise: 57%

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