On the Record, Vol. 1

I meant to start this new series earlier in the year, but, guess what? I didn't. So here it is now.

"On the Record," born out of trying to motivate myself to actually listen to the records I buy at the vintage stores and record fairs in these United States, is a look into the Tinsel and Rot record collection, one LP at a time. I'm gonna try to make it a daily look, but I offer you no promises. So here we go.

Album: Morton Downey Jr. Sings
Artist: Morton Downey Jr.
Purchased: Boomerang's, Jersey City, NJ

Percentage Breakdown of Why I Bought It: 99% How Could I Not?, 1% Song Titles
Pick Hit: "Zip It!" ("Just tell them 'Zip It!', You heard me Zip it!/I didn't say whip it, I didn't say flip it/I said Zip it!")
Should I, a Normal Human Being, Buy It?: If you have fond memories of "The Morton Downey Jr. Show" and you see it for under $5, yeah, you should. And if you don't have fond memories of "The Morton Downey Jr. Show," I think you know what you should do (hint: it's not whip it or flip it)
Percent Chance That This Album Will Still Be Among My Belongings Available for Purchase at the Giant Yard Sale After My Demise: 90%

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