On the Record, Vol. 3

Album: And Me ... I'm Ed McMahon
Artist: Ed McMahon
Purchased: Autumn Leaves Used Books (now Angry Mom Records), Ithaca, NY

Percentage Breakdown of Why I Bought It: 97% I've Gotta Hear Ed McMahon Sing, 3% Maybe I Can Get Him to Sign This (I bought it before his death)
Pick Hit: "Thank Heaven for Little Girls," kinda creepy no matter who sings it, and this version is no exception
Should I, a Normal Human Being, Buy It?: Once you get over the novelty of hearing Ed McMahon sing (around the second song), the rest of the album kind of sails by without much excitement. His voice isn't the most dynamic instrument going, but it's not so bad that it's worth buying just for the laughs.
Percent Chance That This Album Will Still Be Among My Belongings Available for Purchase at the Giant Yard Sale After My Demise: 37%

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