On the Record, Vol. 2

Album: Swingin' Western Strings of Leon McAuliff [sic]
Artist: Leon McAuliffe
Purchased: The Mystery Spot, Phoenicia, NY

Percentage Breakdown of Why I Bought It: 42% I Thought It Might Be Rare Because Leon McAuliffe's Name Is Misspelled, 29% I Like Steel Guitar, 21% I Like the Songs, 8% Cover
Pick Hit: A particularly bouncy version of "Walkin' the Floor Over You"
Should I, a Normal Human Being, Buy It?: It has some good moments, and the band's pretty swingin', but I don't think it's a must-buy. And, FYI, the misspelling doesn't add any monetary value to it.
Percent Chance That This Album Will Still Be Among My Belongings Available for Purchase at the Giant Yard Sale After My Demise: 42%

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