Staying home will not be tolerated

There are two shows on Wednesday that Tinsel and Rot strongly suggests you attend. Maybe you don't have the admirable ambition we have and won't try to hit both shows, but attendance at at least one would be mandatory if we could think of some way to enforce that.

WEDNESDAY, 7/9: The Avett Brothers, 7 p.m., Stuyvesant High School, NYC, FREE
Alejandro Escovedo, 9 p.m., Highline Ballroom, NYC, $28

Two great bands, one great night. First up is Columbia/American recording artists the Avett Brothers, who revealed the other night that they have inked their first major-label deal and are working with the equally bearded Rick Rubin on their next CD. Badass. I have mentioned the Brothers many times here, so you likely already know that I think highly of them, more highly than any other band currently touring the country. So why not enjoy a nice evening by the water (UPDATE: show's been moved to the Stuyvesant High School auditorium, so why not enjoy a nice evening in a school assembly-type setting?) and see the Avetts before their current fanbase starts to hate you for jumping on the bandwagon late.

And then join me in a mad dash to get to the Highline Ballroom in time to see what I hope is at least the majority of Alejandro Escovedo's set. His new album, Real Animal, might be my favorite of the year so far, and his 40-minute set at the Electric Factory back in May was definitely my favorite live show I've seen this year (you can hear it here. Hear hear!). So I'm glad to have the chance to see him after the Avetts (and I apologize to AA Bondy, whom I would normally like to see but am now just glad will be doing an opening set so I can have more time to get to the Highline).

Seriously, if you stay home on Wednesday, I will be sad. If you go to the "Brooklyn regionals" of the Air Guitar Championships instead, well, I think you know how I'll feel.

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