The gift that keeps on giving

I am woefully behind on my "Two Coreys" viewing (and, to be honest, the episodes I have seen were a bit much), but luckily Bayonne Mike—currently the only blogger to mention Camus and the Coreys in a ten-day span—has fully descended into the Corey maelstrom and alerted me to this week's Feldman ode to love, a gift to his wife:

There is no singer who consistently brings the goods like Felddog. And to prove he doesn't stop, there's the new jam "Green Is the Colour" (Corey digs the Brit spellings!) on his site. Not as good as the antiwar song (now seemingly unavailable on the site), but still amazing.

New Truth Movement CD (the brilliantly named "Technology Analogy") due out soon! Can't wait!

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