The Tinsel and Rot Sirius Stiletto Top 20: April 2008

Another new feature that might go nowhere--a monthly recap of the songs on my Stiletto that are currently moving me. There's no scientific method that I used to compile these rankings; these are just generally the songs that, when they come up on shuffle, make me turn the volume up most frequently. So, let's pretend that my musical preferences are something worth knowing, OK?

20. Schnitzelbank--Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen#

19. I'm Alright--Kenny Loggins*

18. I Am What I Hated When I Was Young--Ian Hunter#

17. We Didn't See A Thing--George Jones and Ray Charles*

16. Out of Our Way--The Silos#

15. See the Elephant--James McMurtry#

14. Keep Me from Blowin' Away--Willie Nelson#

13. Smoke!Smoke!Smoke! That Cigarette--Tex Williams*

12. Revolution--Hudson Falcons#

11. Tennessee Waltz--Sam Cooke#

10. Sun Giant Says Hey--Wussy#

9. Wreck My Flow--The Dirtbombs#

8. Another Country--Tift Merritt#

7. The Little Lady Preacher--Tom T. Hall#

6. Ever Lovin' Man--The Dirtbombs#

5. The Cheapest Key--Kathleen Edwards#

4. I Love A Rainy Night--Eddie Rabbitt*

3. Apache--Sugar Hill Gang*

2. Papa Was a Rollin' Stone--Was (Not Was)#

1. Rigor Mortis--Wussy#

#-imported into Stiletto

*-recorded from Sirius

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