Poli Sigh

It's been about 24 hours and I still haven't fully recovered from this:

I don't think I've ever felt so bad for politicians. To be so desperate for votes that you have to pander to the professional wrestling audience...it just makes me want to hug each one of the candidates and tell them it'll all be over soon.

And while Clinton and Obama (particularly "Hill-Rod") can't quite make you believe they've watched one second of wrestling, McCain goes all out to get the wrestling fan vote. His speechwriters must be big wrestling fans, because he packs more wrestling puns and references into 90 seconds than even I'd be able to pull off. And sweet work bringing in Obama's alleged insult of the working class, which leads to what may be my the best thing that's ever come out of a politician's mouth: "Americans don't watch wrestling because we're bitter; we watch WWE because wrestling's about celebrating our freedom." Dude knows how to cut a promo.

He picks Jake "The Snake" Roberts as his veep, he might be unstoppable.

OK, so that was just an excuse to include the greatest wrestling promo of all time.

He's got 22, Obama. Look out.

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