Yahoo! News Reimagined, Vol. 2

Yahoo! News Headline: "Kid from Brooklyn gets NY Phil Debut"

NEW YORK--Most people don't go to New York Philharmonic shows expecting hours of senseless vulgarity and relentless shouting, but that's just what the crowd at Avery Fisher Hall got when the delightful Internet superstar "The Kid from Brooklyn" made his debut with the Philharmonic.

Beginning his time on stage with a hearty "Hey! The Big Man's Back!" the tank-topped Kid (he changed to a terrycloth robe for the second half of the evening's performance) earned a rousing ovation with his thoughtfully crafted treatises on bachelorhood, foreigners, postage stamps, Starbucks, and, in the grand finale, a brand new work on rush-hour traffic. The Kid was backed by the Philharmonic's equally tasteful arrangements, which were created in collaboration between the musicians and the Kid, who is a fervent classical music fan.

"Hey! What a great [expletive deleted] show that turned out to be, heh?" the Kid said at a post-concert reception. "Oh, man! The Kid was {expletive deleted] on fire, [expletive deleted]! I [expletive deleted] can't [expletive deleted] wait to [expletive deleted] do it [expletive deleted] again! [Expletive deleted] yeah!"

Jeffrey Bornstein, who helped book the Kid for the show, explained the reasoning behind the appearance.

"In the modern age, it's tough to get people interested in what the Philharmonic is doing," Bornstein said. "So, we came up with the idea of having various stars of the Internet world do guest spots at shows. The response so far has been overwhelming, which is just so, so gratifying."

Bornstein said the Philharmonic will welcome Zay Tonday in June. The event has already sold out.

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