Have some class

Something about that Celebrity Fit Club weigh-in room makes people go nuts. Following in the grand tradition of the Screech vs. Harvey battle comes this gem from Toccara, who really is just fantastic. I know almost nothing about what makes her a celebrity, but this screaming fit makes her my new favorite celebrity. And, if there is any justice in the world, it will catapult "Have some class" into everyday speech. Please enjoy (contains language not suitable for work, unless you work in a factory or some other place that turns a deaf ear to high-pitched screaming and cursing):

Or you can see it on your TV screen when the episode airs Thursday night on VH1. All my expectations for this season have been met, and we're only two episodes deep. How is "American Idol" more popular than this show? So unfair.


BayonneMike said...

Is that Sammy Hagar looking all calm and reasonable?

BayonneMike said...
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BayonneMike said...

I scrolled down to learn it was Willie Aames. Separated at birth?