The Week in Dylan and Willie

Two developments in the world of the two greatest living songwriters:

(1) Crazy woman somehow gets up close and personal with Dylan; Dylan vaguely affected (2:24 in the clip)

A few notes about that clip. First, when are people gonna learn not to try to sing along at Dylan shows anymore? He's not gonna sing "Like A Rolling Stone" the way you remember it. And no one wants to hear you sing it like the record. So, stop. You're embarrassing yourself and annoying everyone around you.

Second, hats off to bassist and bandleader Tony Garnier for his quick moves since I guess security doesn't feel it necessary to station anybody by one of the greatest songwriters of all time. I also think Garnier is the only guy currently in the band who is likely to actually inflict pain on someone crashing the stage. I certainly don't see Donnie Herron stopping anybody.

And, lastly, the unflappability of Bob Dylan in situations like these (see "Soy Bomb Incident") is commendable It barely even fazes him.

(2) Willie Nelson changes guitar straps

(Photo by Jan Janner)
It's not quite retiring Trigger, but the news (from Austin360.com, via Still is Still Moving) that Willie Nelson had to change guitar straps because his red, white, and blue strap was hurting his neck concerns me. It reminds me that Willie Nelson is mortal and, thus, will die someday, which I don't like to be reminded of. Plus, that's the coolest guitar strap going, and he looks weird without it.

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