I've clearly been reading too much, because I completely blanked on the season premiere of "Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp." By the sheer grace of a benevolent God, I was able to catch the last 20 minutes or so and thus see the triumphant return of Dustin "Screech" Diamond to the Fit Club stage as part of the alumni team, which will be taking on newcomers Erin "Joanie" Moran, A.J. "The Guy Who Slapped Stuttering John" Benza, Sommore "whose one-name moniker prevents me from adding a descriptor," and Brian "Hey Remember Me? I Was Once the Cohost of 'American Idol'" Dunkleman.

Screech's return was, however, overshadowed by team member Toccara, who threw a fit because (a) she doesn't want to lose weight and (b) there were cameras filming her every move. I almost forgot how awesome this show is.

And if those two weren't enough, there was the sight of Willie Aames, who I think has finally reached the top of Bizarre-Looking Mountain.

(photo credit: Mingasson/VH1)

The Aames/Diamond/Toccara troika (supplemented by Tina Yothers) is almost enough to make up for Busey not coming back. And definitely enough to make me watch every glorious episode.

Hooray for television!

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