You're Up, Free Radio

I'm almost sure that no one watches this show, and it seems to be the one show that VH-1 doesn't reair on a loop, but every time I stumble upon "Free Radio," I laugh hard several times in the course of an episode. In that sense, it is easily the new "Prime Time with Jiminy Glick"-- a faux-celebrity-interview show I don't expect I'll find funny but inevitably do. And, as hinted at in my last "What I Liked," the recent interview with Danica McKellar is a clear highlight of my current TV watching, and I'm still laughing at it (and Corey Feldman was in the same episode . . . it's like they're booking the show just for me--plus they recently added the great Gerry Bednob to the cast). I finally found the clip online, so enjoy:

If you don't laugh at "Stick it in my math...hole," please leave here and never come back. And, seriously, watch "Free Radio" if you see it on the VH-1 schedule in between "Daisy of Love" airings (still debating becoming a devoted watcher of that...leaning toward not).

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