Music, music, music

*Sunday night affords you a fine opportunity to see two great bands in two different venues on the Lower East Side:

Amy LaVere, Mercury Lounge, NYC, "9 p.m.," $10
I put 9 p.m. in quotes, because that's the time on the Mercury Lounge's website. But they lie. So it'll probably be about 9:30 or 10. But getting there by 9 is a safe bet (plus it wouldn't kill you to see the opening acts. Or maybe it will. I've never seen them, so I can't say). But MTV star Amy LaVere and her band are good, and they're driving all the way from Memphis to entertain you. So let them. And then go around the corner to...

Maybe Pete, Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, 11 p.m.
They're my friends, but you shouldn't see them because they're my friends (I have many friends whom I love but would probably put on a terrible show). You should see them because they're good. And because Monday's gonna suck anyway, so why not make the weekend last as long as you can? Sleepwalk through Monday. No one will notice. Or do like I do and just take Monday off.

And, hey, if you don't want to do all that running around, just go to the Maybe Pete show and then go see Amy LaVere Monday night at Maxwell's in Hoboken (best guess for approximate time for Amy's set: 9:30). Or go to all three shows. It'll be fun.

Tinsel and Rot money-back guarantee on all those shows (I'll buy you a drink at Rockwood, since there's no cover). You hate it, I'll give you your money back.

And if you're too lame to go to the shows, you can always buy Amy LaVere's new EP, "Died of Love." (new Maybe Pete EP in the works).

*Another fine bunch of folks make up the group Daddy. The two main guys are Will Kimbrough and Tommy Womack, both great musicians and all-around swell people. Daddy is about to release its second album, and until June 2, you can preorder a copy (the disc officially arrives on, naturally, Father's Day) at your own price. Or you can get yourself any number of special deals, ranging from $20 (signed CD and magnet) to $5,000 (50 autographed CDs and a private concert). But the most entertaining deal involves a leaf blower. Let Will and Tommy tell you:

*Finally, for no real reason (other than it amuses me), here's a clip of Bob Dylan and band performing Roy Head's "Treat Her Right" at a Letterman rehearsal in the 80s (h/t to Expecting Rain). It'd be better if Dylan did the "hey hey hey hey"s (or had some of Roy's moves...though the hair pat is a nice touch), but you can't have everything in life.

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