How To Make The Most of a Long Weekend

1. Take a trip to see a band on Friday night.

2. Buy some records Saturday afternoon.

3. Later Saturday afternoon, go to a birthday BBQ--with burgers, hot dogs, dozens of side dishes, and tons of desserts--for one of your favorite musicians of all time and hang out with his dogs. Bring your friends (and have one of them drive you around all weekend...thanks, Johnny). Take your mom, too, because she deserves a good time.

4. After the BBQ, celebrate the birthday of one of your favorite musicians of all time by watching him play for almost three hours in the studio that's attached to his house. Spend the first half-hour or so looking directly over one of the greatest rock drummers ever.

(No photos allowed inside, so just imagine.)

5. Get up early Sunday morning to eat the best pancakes you'll ever have.

6. After breakfast, go buy some more records.

7. Finish your leftover pancakes for dinner.

8. Don't do much of anything on Monday. Just post pictures on the Internet and write some blog entries. And think about how cool your life is sometimes.

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Wait 'til Mike finds out you hung with the dogs.