The Year in "Celebrity" Pictures: Part II

11. Joe West

I always hoped that my first photo with a Major League Baseball umpire would be taken with Dutch Rennert. But Dutch Rennert isn't emceeing country music legends shows. So I had to make do with Joe West, who should have fixed his tie.

10. Stonewall Jackson

The country music singer, not the Civil War general. A picture (or a daguerreotype) with the Civil War general probably would've made the Holiday Greeting, but he was shot by his own men 124 years ago, making that an impossibility. The singer's cool, though. I'm not a big fan of the leaning across the table photo, which accounts for the odd position my right hand is curled up in.

9. Edie McClurg

She'd be cool even if all she ever did was that one scene (not suitable for work in case you're not suitable for the human race and haven't seen the movie) with Steve Martin in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles." But then there's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," too. Plus, she was on "Valerie/The Hogans/The Hogan Family," but I'm not sure that's a point in her favor, since my memories of that show are sketchy at best. Anyway, she's cool. The kneeldown is almost as annoying as the lean across the table, but it came out just fine. Plus, the lamp's positioning makes it look like I had a really bright idea as the picture was snapped.

8. Chuck Barris

My second picture with the Tinsel and Rot Hall of Famer and, amazingly, the better of the two. At least when it comes to my appearance; Chuck is looking a little more haggard. Maybe because the guy in front of me on line kept shoving things in front of him to sign. Or maybe he's just getting old. But he's still one of my all-time favorite celebrities, the Game Show King. Enjoy my left hand, awkwardly going for his shoulder as I try to control my glee.

NEXT: 7 to 4, featuring what might be my favorite celebrity photo ever

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