The Year in "Celebrity" Pictures: Part I

The battle to become one of the lucky celebrities to appear on my Holiday Greeting this year was fierce. And it ultimately became the toughest decision in the seven (eight?) years of the Holiday Greeting. Most of the cards were mailed out today, so I do believe it's time to reveal those who didn't make the cut. I don't love them any less, except, well, yeah, I kinda do.

15. Marcia Wallace

Now that said "Jon" has received his signed Edna Krabappel photo, I can post the full shot. I didn't ask her to hold the photo up, but I guess she thought I was Jon and would want a picture of her and the photo to show off. Fair enough. It's a decent enough picture of me. I look kinda human. That's not gonna hold for the rest of these.

14. Chris Barnes

Yes, that Chris Barnes, Professional Bowlers Association star, co-star of the swell documentary "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen," and master of the Flying Eagle. I coulda used a haircut. But at least I got the Split Lip Rayfield name out to the people at the Pro-Am.

13. Ken Daneyko

While wandering around the Prudential Center in Newark after a thoroughly dull 1-0 Islanders victory over the Devils, the other members of the post-birthday party party and I came across former Devil and current Devil broadcaster Ken Daneyko. So, a picture had to be taken. And it was taken while two drunken Devils fans yelled, "Take the hat off! Show some respect, man!" Sweet guys.

12. Norm Duke

Back to the lanes for a dashing shot of me and future PBA Hall of Famer (provided he never took HGH) Norm Duke, who also knows his way around a trick shot. This was about attempt #4 at this picture. And yes, there is something in the pouch of my hoodie and I'm excited to see Norm Duke.

Tomorrow: 11 to 8, as we march toward #1.

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