Hail to the Chief (Or at Least Put On a Decent Pair of Pants)

Tinsel and Rot met its second President of the United States Tuesday night (if you consider a handshake and two sentences meeting someone) when Bill Clinton signed copies of his new book Giving at the Union Square Barnes and Noble. That same Barnes and Noble is where Tinsel and Rot met its first President, Jimmy Carter. Dropping some T&R trivia on yo' asses. More trivia: here's my entire interaction with President Clinton.

[President offers hand, Tinsel & Rot shakes it]

T&R: Hello, Mr. President. I was at your first inauguration and I always remember what a great day that was.
President Clinton: [signs book] Yes, it was, wasn't it?
T&R: Yep.

[President shifts focus to next person]

I actually wanted to strike up a conversation about our shared fondness for Kinky Friedman, but retired journalist Bryan Chambala beat me to it several years ago on Martha's Vineyard.

I don't have any exciting pictures for you, but, well, you know what Bill Clinton looks like and chances are you know what I look like. Add several hundred other people and a few security checks and you'll be able to complete the mental picture. Or make something in Photoshop.

A brief note: if you're ever going to meet a President of the United States, why not make a little bit of an effort to avoid looking like a dirtbag. Seriously. If you wake up knowing that you will be in close contact with someone who has held what is probably the most important political office in the world and decide that your best outfit features a pair of bright orange terrycloth shorts, maybe you should look for a second opinion. He's an important guy, and your attendance at his book signing indicates that you have some sort of respect for him, so, you know, why not throw on a pair of pants? I'm just saying some people maybe could have thought twice before leaving their abodes Tuesday afternoon.

And another, briefer note: Stop dressing babies in political-themed clothing. Look, I know people who do it, and I like those people, but it's time I take a stand here. A child wearing an "I'm For Hillary" shirt is not cute; that's annoying. It makes me want to punch the child's parents. Your child is not for Hillary. Your child is for sleeping two-thirds of the day, eating during the other third, and squeezing some waste expulsion along the way (coincidentally, so am I, but that's neither here nor there). Stop it.

Anyway, it was cool to meet a President.

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