Brett Somers RIP

I was going to post something about this weekend, but then came the news that another "Match Game" regular has left this world. Brett Somers, the female foil to the recently deceased Charles Nelson Reilly, died Saturday at the age of 83 from stomach and colon cancer.

Tinsel and Rot was lucky enough to be among the few heterosexual men to see Ms. Somers's one-woman show at Danny's Skylight Room a few years back, and it was pretty entertaining. She sang in between telling stories of "Match Game," her marriage to Jack Klugman, and various other topics. And she introduced me to a song that's actually now one of my favorites, Hoagy Carmichael's "I Get Along Without You Very Well." Plus, I got an autograph afterward. It was a good night.

Tinsel and Rot salutes the life and game show career of Brett Somers. Rest in peace.

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