Superbad is finally here

I'm not gonna post the trailer again or any of the other clips available on the Internets, but I do feel obligated to point out that the damn funny "Superbad" makes its way into theaters this weekend. With all the hype, I'm guessing that you know that already. I'm actually glad I saw a preview before the hype machine went into overdrive, so now I can read reviews and articles and not worry about anything being spoiled. In fact, I can spoil it all for you!

But I won't.

Anyway, it's a funny movie. The reviews I've read seem to agree, but a few have criticized it for being juvenile and "not having enough heart." Like that's a bad thing. Heart's overrated. And there are plenty of places to find it if that's what you want. But if it's laughs you want, "Superbad" is for you.

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