Great Moments in Overheard Conversations

Wednesday night, I went to the excellent (and free) Soul of Gospel show at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park (featuring the McCollough Sons of Thunder, shown above). But that wasn't all the entertainment for the evening. To wit:

Great Moment in Overheard Conversations #1

I was up front for the first half of the show and then wandered around a bit after trailing the McCollough Sons of Thunder around for a good picture. I eventually parked myself in the back of the park, which is filled with rows of folding chairs during the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors series. A few rows in front of me, two guys and a gal were talking, which, as you know, I usually find loathsome in a concert setting, but, hey, they were in the back and not really directly in front of or behind anyone, so I was willing to cut them some slack.

The older woman a row behind and about ten seats over was not as generous.

She went over once to, I assume, harangue the bespectacled gentleman in the group. I couldn't hear any of the conversation, but she was clearly upset and he was trying to respond as his two pals put their heads down. Eventually, the woman felt she had made her point and went back to her seat.

But then five minutes later, after they continued talking, she got back up. And now she was furious.

"Why would you talk during any concert?" I heard her scream, as her arms shook mightily in the air. Then the guy, I guess, tried to explain himself again. But, as he did, the woman came to an important realization.


And as she walked out of the park, she was still shaking her head, yelling, "FRENCH! BAH!"

Apparently, not a fan of the French.

Great Moment in Overheard Conversations #2

I must be slightly more delicate with this one.

As I was walking back to my humble abode from the PATH train, my path crossed with two guys; I was walking up, while they were walking across. And as they walked across, this is what I heard one of the guys say (without the asterisks):

"...I licked her a**hole and she farted in my mouth."

Oh yes, he did.

Summer in the city(s)...it has its moments.


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Mr. Bad Example said...

I will not tolerate you bashing the French.

Oh wait...you meant the other conversation...

tadeja said...

Yes silly, I meant the other conversation.

So, some of the old gang are moving to 1 Penn Plaza. There are whispers of a bowling night, but we both know what happened the last time...