Let the Eagle Fly

With the NFL officially off the clock, you can now enjoy the splendors of the PBA Tour on ESPN. And because the people who run the PBA have more brains than those who run the NHL (and now more viewers), they're actually taking advantage of an early non-NFL weekend to air their always-entertaining Skills Challenge.

The Skills Challenge finds eight two-man teams competing for $15,000 in what is essentially a game of Horse without the spelling. I've only seen one-on-one Skills Challenges, but I assume it'll be the same deal for this one, which is billed as "Young Guns vs. Legends." It's usually pretty cool, and some of the shots are damn impressive. My personal favorite is the Flying Eagle, one of Chris Barnes's specialties.

Norm Duke (master of the towel shot) is the defending champ, though, so he'll be the one to beat. Other top contenders are Tony Reyes, Mike Machuga, and, of course, New Jersey's own Parker Bohn III. All are featured in the promo below.

Check it out on Sunday at 2 p.m., or whenever the finals of the PBA 2007 Go RVing Classic wrap up. Pete Weber's currently fourth in that, so maybe you should make a whole early afternoon of it and see if you can catch some PDW action.


tadeja said...

I read this at 1:24 pm Sunday afternoon, just in time. I'll check it out. Think I'll pick up any skills, or will I just be dazzled by theirs?

Mr. Bad Example said...

Just dazzled, I reckon. The shots they did have no practical value. Unless you plan on hustling people for money at bowling alleys. Which doesn't sound like a bad career to me.

Bummed that there was no Flying Eagle. The lanes were set up for one, so I have to think he missed and they just didn't show it. What a drag. Some cool shots, though.

tadeja said...

I agree, I think my favorite was the over/under the chair. It sucks that the towel throw guy, screwed it up when it really mattered. Not a bad way to spend an hour.