Kirk Rundstrom RIP

Kirk Rundstrom passed away this morning in Wichita. He was 38.

From Split Lip Rayfield's website:

“With great sadness we must announce that our band mate, friend and brother Kirk Rundstrom has lost his battle. Anybody who knew Kirk knew that he had more zest than all of us. He truly had an ethereal spirit. We have been proud and impressed with the way he went out on his own terms. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fair, and it sure as hell isn’t right, but he was an inspiration. We love him and will miss him.

Thanks for your prayers…

Split Lip Rayfield”


I can see him now, reluctantly giving the cut sign when Wayne Gottstine checked in to see if he had enough strength for an encore at the Beachland Ballroom. That's the last I saw of him, soldiering on, wanting to play just one more, but realizing that he simply couldn't. A powerful last image, I guess. But I wish it didn't have to be.

Rest in peace, Kirk. Thanks for the music. Thanks for the shows. And thanks for a gutsy, inspiring final act.

UPDATE: Check out a great article on Kirk's life courtesy of Rachel Leclear at lawrence.com.

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