What I Liked About May (Super-Sized Edition)

*Seeing 6 (and 1/3) pro baseball games live
*Peter Wolf, Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
*Bowling the third 200 game of the year (on the nose)
*The Northside Twist Giant Soft Pretzel, Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

*The pancake sundae, Sweet Sue's, Phoenicia, NY
*Marah, Bowery Electric, NYC
*Eleven City French Toast, Eleven City Diner, Chicago, IL
*Levon Helm's 70th Birthday Ramble, Woodstock, NY

*Trampled By Turtles, Mercury Lounge, NYC
*Mother's Day with the fam, Merri-Makers, Sea Bright, NJ
*Billy Goat Tavern, Chicago, IL
*The Knitters, FitzGerald's, Berwyn, IL

*The Bavarian-style sauerbraten (w/ spaetzle and red cabbage), Mader's, Milwaukee, WI
*French Dip, Hartmann's Kaffeehaus, Round Top, NY
*Southport Lanes and Billiards, Chicago, IL
*The Bronze Fonz, Milwaukee, WI

*The botched construction of the Iron Man 2 promo banner at the Asbury Park 7-Eleven
*Red pizza, Piece Brewery & Pizzeria, Chicago, IL
*Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, Hoboken, NJ
*The willingness of people with cars to drive me places

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