Guarding my entry carefully

First of all, hooray for the Avett Brothers playing Radio City Music Hall. A big moment for all involved. I'll be seeing it from a seat somewhere on the floor, but not quite as close as I'd hoped because buying tickets to a show at a theater in NYC in 2010 is more trouble than it needs to be.

But as I was refreshing the Ticketmaster page in the hopes that their stupid system would start dropping tickets in the middle and not on the sides, I noticed some disturbingly worded instructions regarding Radio City's arrival policy. To wit:

So, not only does Ticketmaster metaphorically violate you with $15 in service charges and a refusal to release tickets to a venue box office the day tickets go on sale, but then when you get to Radio City Music Hall, you need to look out for the metal wands going up your entry. Yikes.

See you and your entries on October 13.

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I don't know how I missed this but I just LOLd. Real L, in fact.