An Unpopular Answer to a Question You Didn't Know You Asked

Somewhere in the world, there are at least a few people pondering which of the songs Paul McCartney wrote is their absolute favorite. As a tepid Beatles fan (and a mild Wings fan...pun acknowledged but not intended), I'm not really the person to best answer that question. But, hey, this is the Internet, so I'm going to tell you my opinion anyway and you will just have to accept it. But you're not gonna like it.

During a recent Top 40 countdown on Sirius/XM's '80s on 8 channel, I was reminded that, as much as I like "Get Back," "Live and Let Die," "Jet," and "Band on the Run," there is one McCartney hit from 1985 that I like best of all:

I've got no explanation for that opinion, but I'm sticking by it. If you could've seen the glee that came over me when I heard that song coming from my radio in the kitchen a few weeks ago, well, you would probably be ashamed to know me. But that can't be the first time you've had that feeling, right?

A pretty good movie, too, by the way.

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