The Year in Celebrity Pictures, Vol. 2

8. Lester "Beetlejuice" Green, Fairfield, NJ

Someday, I will be destitute. That day may come soon or it may come a couple decades from now. But it will almost certainly come. And when it does, I will desperately hope for $20 so I can get through the day. Perhaps I will come begging to you. When I do, you will think about it for a bit, then remember this photo and say, "Hey, didn't you once pay twenty dollars to have your picture taken with Beetlejuice? Who's to say that if I give you this twenty bucks, you won't just run out and spend it on another photo with Beetlejuice?" Sensing defeat, I will walk away in shame. But I still won't regret this photo.

7. Brigitte Nielsen, Parsippany, NJ

If I had to pick one person from "Celebrity Rehab" to have my photo taken with, Brigitte Nielsen is, I must admit, pretty far down the list (if I have to tell you, who's at the top of the list, you need to go back and do some catching up on the blog). Still, any opportunity to spend a few fleeting seconds with a Celebreality star should be seized. And so it was. This was the second of two attempts, and I look no less comfortable in the first one than I do here.

6. Nicole Eggert, Fairfield, NJ

A lifelong dream fulfilled, several years after it really would've meant something. Still, it's Nicole Eggert, and no matter the year, it is still an important achievement in my life history. Of course, that does not speak well of my life history to date, but if my history was full of great and wondrous achievements, I would have no time to blog. Think of what a void that would leave in your life. What's that? It wouldn't make one bit of a difference? Well, screw you then. I touched Nicole Eggert.

5. Charlie Louvin, New York

Look at me--I'm a Louvin brother! Well, as close as I'll get. This was taken after his show at Banjo Jim's, which was the back end of a Charlie Louvin doubleheader for me. The night before was at the 92Y Tribeca, and that was pretty damn good, but Banjo Jim's may have been better. It didn't really occur to me to get a photo with Mr. Louvin, but my friend Jon asked me to take a photo of him and Mr. Louvin, so I figured I should get in on that action (thanks Jon!). Like Billy Joe Shaver last year, Mr. Louvin misses out on being on the official Holiday Greeting only because 98% of the friends on my list would just be confused about who the old guy in the cowboy hat is. Sorry, Charlie.

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