Odd Things People Say, Vol. 1

As a somewhat frequent Greyhound passenger, the story of the man being carved up and beheaded gave me pause. And the more I read about it, the more engrossed (emphasis on the gross) I become.

While heinous crimes of this sort tend to freak me out a bit (I would like to think most people have a similar reaction...particularly those who don't bring a giant hunting knife on a bus), they also always feature one of my least favorite post-death phrases. This story is no exception:

"He was a great person, he was kind, thoughtful, and he did not deserve this...."

Now, I know this person means well and is probably horrified to think that someone she knew met such a grisly end. But, if you think about it, do you really know anybody who deserves to be carved up and decapitated on a bus in their final hours on earth? I know of some bad people who maybe deserve a few hard punches in the face, but no one really deserving of dismemberment. Granted, it would be refreshing to read a newspaper article in which a neighbor, friend, or family member punctuates the loss of a life by saying, "Charlie was an absolute creep and really earned this one. We all hoped and expected he would one day die in an unfathomably heinous way, but to hear that his flesh was ripped apart by a pack of rabid dogs and then his barely-there remains thrown in a wood chipper--well, it's quite a relief." But since I don't see that happening, maybe it's time we retired "he/she didn't deserve this."

I'm just saying.

ADDENDUM: I was starting to feel bad after having this thought after reading such an unbelievably tragic and disturbing story. And then I read some of the comments on the initial story and instantly felt better. To wit:

"Canadians are constantly showing how beastality affects them!!"

"Am taking wagers that the attacker is one of those towelhead, desert flea sandn***** terrorists."

"Guess that['s what] people who play with head phones get."

"If the guy wanted head that badly, I'm sure there were women at the rest stop who could have helped him out."

Now I feel better. And worse. All at once. Thank you, Internet!

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