Think before you post

First things first: If I were a parent of a child of blogging age, I would likely do everything I could to discourage my child from blogging. There are far too many creepy people out there (though not you fair T&R reader) for young children to be throwing personal information out there into cyberspace. The Internet is often a disturbing place.

That said, this PSA makes me laugh more than anything:

It makes me laugh because I generally think of blogging as something done by 30-year-olds (who should also think before they post) desperate for the world to hear their opinions and not something that teenagers do. It also makes me laugh because the movie ticket taker steals the show, somehow managing to top the tattoo-loving football coach. Nice work, pal. Hope that one makes it to your audition reel.

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your sister said...

This is so very good. Better than described, even. Sarah is soooooooo screwed.